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7 DIY Birthday Party Balloon Ideas

DIY Balloons have been blowing up the event and party scene lately and I have to say I am in love with everything about it.
DIY-Balloon-AwardsIt’s no suprise that balloons have always been used as a decorative item used in birthdays, graduations, baby showers and weddings, however recently they have been undergoing simple makeovers that take the traditional balloon we know and love to new heights. I’m talking about confetti dipped balloons, hot air balloons, and ice cream cone balloons. As you can see balloons are being taken to new festive heights. So to help inspire you as you plan a birthday party or other festive event here’s 7 cute diy birthday party balloons ideas


1. Giant balloons with tassels

Giant balloons with tassels

From Green Wedding Shoes
2. Ice Cream Cone Balloons

ice cream cone balloons

From The Celebration Shoppe

3. DIY Fruit Balloons
From Oh Lovely Day

4. DIY Doughnut Balloon

confettii balloon diys

From Studio DIY
5. DIY Balloon Party Awards
From Studio DIY

6. Confetti Balloon DIY
Cupcake Balloon diy
From The Party DIY
7. Hot Air Balloon DIY
diy hot air balloons
From Sew and Create
Header Image From WeddingOmania

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