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How do you make a party?

Kids have been begging me to make them a party. I say it all the time, but somehow I never quite seem to be able to explain how you get started with the process of how do you make a party. Kids are very active creatures and they love to get things moving. You cannot …

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What are good party themes?

The right party theme can make or break an event. Choosing a theme that fits the personality of the guest of honor, the guests, the type of party, and the budget can make all the difference in having a successful party. What are good party themes? The most important aspects to creating a good party …

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Malaysian ib Schools

Schools which are approved by the IBT are known as IBT schools in Malaysia. These schools offer International Bachelor of Arts (IA) course, International Master of Arts (IMA) course and other international diploma courses. These schools are usually taught in the English language. These schools also provide programs for foreign students in Malaysia. The number …

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