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Without a budget to begin with, you could end up changing the theme or food options for the party. Remember to try and be realistic about the budget.



If you are planning the party for someone else, you should consult them if it isn’t a surprise party. Try to incorporate it into food, decor, and invitations.



Picking the date can be tricky, so try to plan in advance.  Choose a date far enough in advance so people will be able to mark their calendars.



One of the best venues to choose is your own house or backyard.  Either make your own house or ask a friend if they would be willing to hold the party.

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Develop Your Event Goal and Objectives

If you know your organization’s key goals before planning, you can ensure that every part of your event is optimized for success. 

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Organize Your Team

Assigning individual roles to team members creates a system of accountability, as well as preventing tasks from falling to the wayside, but don’t forget to account for committee meetings in your event ! 

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Set the Date

Once you’ve set the date (and have already outlined your budget), you can start booking any external staff (such as caterers) you need right away. The date might already be pre-set for a recurring event,  be sure to consider the following before firming up your date:

“Here’s to the nights we don’t remember and the friends we won’t forget.”

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