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Morning Makeup Routine

Today I wanted to showcase my easy morning makeup routine that’s quick and simple to do and will have you out the door in no time. Now that I’m pregnant I don’t spend much time doing my makeup in the morning I mean honestly who would want to spend all that time getting all dolled […]

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Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Sandals

Summer’s here, what better time of the year to let your feet hang loose than in some stylish sandals. Living in Florida the weather can be a little biopolar… okay who am I kidding the weather is pretty crazy here. Despite this there’s still those perfect warm sunny days that makes you want to drift […]

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Saint Patrick’s Day party ideas

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style by viewing these Saint Patrick’s Day Party ideas. Saint Patrick’s Day which is otherwise known as the Feast of Saint Patrick is a festive cultural and religious holiday that is celebrated in various parts of the world annually on March 17th every year. This date is recognized as the […]

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Saint Patrick’s Day Lucky Boxes DIY

Can’t wait to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? Start preparing by viewing today’s holiday DIY. If you haven’t heard the news Saint Patrick’s Day is officially 7 DAYS AWAY!! Now in continuation of my Saint Patrick’s Day Craftalooza DIY Project series I thought I would do something unique and creative leading up to this holiday this […]

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Chocolate Ricotta Pie

This Chocolate Ricotta Pie recipe slightly modified from Giada De Laurentiis will have your sweet tooth doing the happy dance. Just what that happy dance might consist of I’m not entirely sure but it may just resemble the excitement you felt the first time you entered a candy store.. OOH..Now that’s a HAPPY DANCE! If […]

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Ready for the Weekend

Despite Easter being a month or so away I thought it would be great to feature easy Easter DIY that include simple household items that can be revamped to create incredible crafts. Whether your looking for an Easter Egg Boxes to stuff candies in or maybe want to create something more festive like paper Easter […]

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Classic Southern Potato Salad

As a child I used to always sneak into the kitchen to take spoonfuls of my mom’s loaded classic southern potato salad. Like literally spoonfuls. I can admit it happily, and I’m sure you’re thinking about a time when you did the same and successfully made it back to original place without being noticed.  Or […]

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