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6 Best Valentine’s Day DIY

Have you heard the news? I am expecting my first child with my husband Joe and I am utterly thrilled. Expect to see a bunch of pregnancy related posts documenting my journey of this pregnancy in the near future. As some of you may know I also blog at Rustic Folk Weddings, so in order to consistently keep up with both blogs I decided to blog only 3 days a week on each site in order to deliver the best content on each mediums. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays you can now expect to see a post on the blog, so be sure to head back on those days. Once things mellow out I should be back to blogging 5 days a week in no time.


Aside from the exciting pregnancy news, can you believe VALENTINES DAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER?! For those of you asking why I choose to write that in caps.. well I felt it deserved to be shouted because who doesn’t love Valentines Day. Whether your celebrating the holiday with someone special or choosing to spend time with family or friends letting them know how much you appreciate their company, Valentines Day can be a holiday for everyone.

So today I won’t be busting out a delicious Valentines chocolate cake recipe, sorry for the readers who we’re hoping to dive into a pool of cake today, but instead I thought I would showcase 5 adorable valentines Day DIY’s. The following Valentines DIY’s I have come across and absolutely adored. If you still haven’t found that something special for your loved one or best friend well maybe you should consider creating one of these DIYs below. I’m hoping to create one before the holiday kicks in so fingers crossed I’ll be able to showcase it on the blog in the next day or so.

1. Valentines Treat Heart Boxes
valentines day diy
From Oh Happy Day

2. Your Dynamite
valentines day diy
From Sugar & Cloth

3. Wild About You Valentines
valentines day diy
From Style Me Pretty Living

4. Printable Present Toppers
valentines day diy
From Julep

5. Valentines Day Wall Art
valentines day diy
From Hank & Hut

6. Heart Balloons
valentines day diy
From Studio DIY

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